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Apart from the traditional methods, there are a few unique ways in which you can wear lanyards. Lanyards are not only about strings to carry your identification cards in your office or for your kids in school. These lanyards that hand round your neck are a sign of professionalism. There are a lot of purposes served when you wear lanyards. One of such exceptional usage is it can be your key holder. If you lose your keys often then lanyards can come to your rescue and prevent the expenses of calling a locksmith often. The lanyard with the key always dangling around your neck will elude losing your head over it.

Let’s dive into the unique and unconventional ways to wear lanyards.


When you purchase lanyards, look for an attachment that will let you clip on your keys or pen to the lanyard. Just like the keys, pens are also very easy to lose or misplace. If you use an attachment in your lanyard to clasp your pens, you will not forget or have to recall where you last put it. The pen will always remain with you, and you can utilize it any time you want. You may think that you will have to remove the lanyard every time you use your pen, but it is not so. The badge reel attachment is designed in such a way that it will permit you to use it with the lanyard around your neck.

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You can create the stylish custom lanyards even more stylish with a mobile phone attachment with it. Just as the badge reel attachment will enable you to use your ID having proximity cards to scan for entry, similarly the mobile phone holder in it will assist you to use your phone as and when needed. You are not required to carry it in your hand with fearing losing it. The cellphone attachment usually has a loop that you can fasten through one part of the mobile phone and the other end of it is clipped onto your custom lanyard. Hence you will always find your mobile phone 'handy.'

Ø Hold your compass

If you are an enthusiastic hiker, traveler, and like camping and exploring nature and outdoors you can also use a lanyard to hold your compass. You will not only prevent your compass from losing. The lanyards will also assist you using it when required, as it will be hanging around your neck all the times. You will not require digging deep inside the pockets of your cargo pants or your backpack every time. This will ultimately save you time and stress. You can do the same for all vital equipment and tools including maps and other essential documents mandatory for hiking and camping.


Additional unique and unconventional use of lanyards is for promoting a business brand or political campaigns. You can print your company logo or any party-political motto on it and wear it with your office lanyards along with IDs and badges. You can give these lanyards to gain support during your marketing or political movements. Hand these out to the attendees of a rally or any event to show support and boost the promotional and marketing result.

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